New Blue Model

New 2018 Model

Here's how Safe Place Beds just got better...

  • THICKER and REINFORCED MATERIAL to withstand bites and scratches!  
  • WIDER WELDS to hold up to those strong kickers and acrobats!
  • EASY TO CLEAN NETTING (we all know what for, right?)
  • TRANSPARENT NETTING. Who doesn't want to peek in on their sleeping angels? And, easy visibility for monitor cameras!! 
  • ADJUSTABLE ZIPPER LOCKS for those Houdini's among us! 

Learn more about a family who tested our new model...

Our daughter Addie has Angelman Syndrome and turned 12 years old yesterday. So far, she has broken and damaged every “safe” bed we have ever bought for her. Including the wooden Sleep Safe bed and the metal frame Safety Sleeper. The wooden bed she ripped the clear, plastic, screwed in windows out and pulled the non chew strips off of it. The metal framed bed she pulled the pads off of it and tore the zippers out. We LOVE to travel and race triathlons with our daughter. But travel is becoming increasingly difficult without a safe place for her to sleep. 

Watch video to see results from testing and ORDER NOW!