Our frames are made one at a time at our local wood shop. Each board is hand picked by our master craftsman to make the best possible frame.  All corners are rounded for your child's safety, and padding can be added to our frames for an extra charge.

Customers can choose from one of our stock colors or custom design the look of their cover by choosing a pattern or color they prefer.  Below are some samples of designs we have done. 


All covers are made out of top quality material!

  • 500D (Denier Fabric)                                         
  • Pressure testing minimum 3000mm
  • FR (NFPA701) (Flame Retardant)  
  • We use military-grade fabrics, zippers, webbing, and thread.

You will also receive an  8" CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED foam mattress.

We are registered with the FDA!

Beds are totally enclosed and zippers are not accessible from the inside of the bed.  All standard beds are twin in size, but can be customized to different sizes at an extra cost. Our beds start out at $3,999, but keep reading for a special offer!

Now that we know that Safe Place Beds are made from the top quality materials, lets compare our prices to our competitors. 

Haven Bed   $6,660.00

Price taken from Especial needs site 8/23/2021


Sleepsafer $6,332.40

Price Taken from Especial needs 8/23/2021

Both companies above sell their safety beds through Durable Medical Equipment providers, which some providers make it possible to bill insurance or Medicaid. But did you know? 

  • Durable Medical Equipment provider's fees can be up to 40% of the cost of the product.
  • Insurances, most of the time, have a limit they will pay for a safety bed, so you may need to pay out of pocket to cover the difference.
  • It can take months to YEARS for Medicaid or insurances denials to finally get part of your bed paid for. 

Now ask yourself if you are willing to wait months or even years to get your safety bed approved? Then, after you do get approved, you may need to pay out of pocket! YIKES! 

At Safe Place Bedding we do not sell our safety bed through Durable Medical Equipment providers. Why? Because if we are going to give anyone 40% percent of our profit, it's going to be back to the special needs family that needs one of our beds. Txt us at  (614)602-5196 for special pricing that's to low to advertise!!

You also have the option to choose Klarna at checkout to get payments under $100!! Click on picture below to start shopping! Hurry this is a limited time offer.