About Us

Our Family

Meet Us! Jon and Amara Smith, happily married for 16 years and the proud parents of Skyler, Alara and Abigail. Jon is a registered ER nurse and inventor. Amara is a homeschooling Mama and author. We are a family full of zeal, and we believe in chasing dreams. Our dream is to provide families the freedom to LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS! 

Our Inspiration

Our son, Skyler, is the inspiration for Safe Place. Having been born with Angelman Syndrome, sleeping was not his cup of tea. Needless to say... He didn't sleep very often at all! After many restless nights, we discovered the secret to successful Skyler sleep... he needed to feel "safe". Sky felt safest sleeping in small spaces. Such as bunk or play house beds. Once we discovered this, his sleeping greatly improved... unless we stayed anywhere other than home! Again, back to not sleeping, which resulted in very exhausted and grumpy parents! From that struggle Safe Place was born! Visit our "Life of Sky" page to meet Sky.

Our Mission

We understand the struggle parents and caregivers of restless special needs loved ones face. Getting a good nights rest at home can be a chore, let alone taking them out of their own environment! But we believe this dilemma should not hold families back from making memories and experiencing the world! Our mission is to give the WHOLE family the joy of travel with a safe, affordable, and hassle-free sleeping solution for the restless special needs loved one!

Contact Us!

Email: limitless@safeplacebedding.com

Call: 1-614-626-5305