Our Family

We’re Jon and Amara Smith, happily married for 19 years and the proud parents of Skyler, Alara, and Abigail. We created the Safe Place Travel and Permanent Beds to solve our own sleep struggles with Skyler, who has Angelman Syndrome. For seven years, we never had a peaceful night together in our own bed – one of us always had to be with him at night. It was exhausting, and the constant sleep deprivation was hard on our relationship and our other children.


Then we discovered that he slept well in enclosed spaces – finally a solution! But we looked around and found that safety beds were wildly expensive, and none of them were portable. Our first mission was to create a SAFE sleeping solution while away from home, so we created a travel bed that can be used anywhere and ready in 5 minutes! It changed our lives, and that’s when we knew we had to share our product with the world. So, we did! We took this sleeping solution miracle to the next level by creating a permanent safety bed that can be uniquely designed by our customers, and offered the same great restful atmosphere as our travel beds. Now, families like ours have sleep, safety, and sanity at home and away.

Jon is a registered ER nurse and inventor, and Amara is a homeschooling Mama and author. We believe in chasing dreams and living without limits, and we want to help you do the same! Our mission is to give the WHOLE family the joy of making memories at home or away with a safe, stylish, affordable, and hassle-free sleeping solution for your restless special needs loved one

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