What sets us apart from other bedding companies?


Our beds have a lower ceiling height by design. It is high enough for your adult or child to sit up but not to stand. Most special needs individuals feel safer in a small area. This helps them calm down and be able to rest. We want to provide a bed that is not just to keep your special needs individual in one place but one that can help them rest. 

The frame is made out of poplar wood that has a high bending strength. Even as it ages it keeps its bending strength. This means when your loved one kicks the side of his or her bed the wood is able to bend a little without cracking and it also prolongs the life of the fabric. 

The cover wraps around the top board of the frame to keep your bed lasting for years and years! When your loved one kicks the side of the bed the cover is able to pivot on frame helping to absorb the kick. 

Our mattress is 8 inches thick and fits tightly in our frames. Greatly reducing the risk of entrapment. 

We are registered with the FDA but we are also accredited by HQAA for quality standards. We are the only safety bed manufacturer in the country with this accreditation. 

Please txt any questions or to get a cash price to 614-602-5196. 

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