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Can I use the bed on the floor?

Our bed has not gone through any professional safety testing separate from a
stationary bed full size or larger , but some customers do use it on the floor connected to a queen size air mattress if approved by doctor.

Suggested bed size to attach my travel bed to.

Our  travel beds need to be on a full ( 54inx75in) or larger mattress. That
way when a child kicks the side of the bed and it flexes there is no gap
created between the side of inflatable bed and mattress. The has the
potential to create an entrapment risk.

What type of Pump is needed and do standard air mattress pumps

Standard air mattress electric pumps do not work well with our beds
because our beds are thicker than standard air mattresses.
The pump you choose to inflate your Safe Place Bed must blow 1.1 PSI,
but not greater than 2 PSI for electric pumps. A manual pump works sufficiently too. 

Are the beds easy to clean?

We recommend using a washable incontinence pad at night to help with clean up of any night time incontinence. If cleaning is needed we recommend a mild soap and warm water. Keep bed inflated till it is fully dry! 

What if my bed has a leak? 

Most leaks are due to a
valve that is not sealed properly. Please take white valve’s out of clear
inflation points. One at a time wipe off white valves with moist rag then
reinsert white valves back into clear inflation points. Refill each chamber
and reinsert clear plug into center of white valve. Please check this
during the daytime before sleeping in it. Let us know how this works and
again sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. 

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We are a FDA registered company and have undergone CE testing!

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