Below you’ll find information about the programs we’re aware of that provide funding for purchases like a safety bed for a child with special needs. If you don’t see a program that works for you, contact us! We’ll be happy to help you find an option that fits your location and your child’s diagnosis.


To receive waiver funding you must contact your child's Service and Support Administrator (SSA) then provide him/her with a Letter of Necessity (if needed) and a prescription from your doctor. Your SSA will then begin the process of contacting our provider, Arc of Ohio, to move forward with attaining your bed. This can be a lengthy process, so get started today! Give the following contact information to your SSA for our provider:
Arc of Ohio
David Lewis
*See Elements of a Letter of Necessity at the bottom of this page.


Help may be available for Australian residents through Just Juniors Disability
Carolyn Lamb-Miller
Phone: 0422481877


To purchase our products or find funding in Europe, contact: 
Sweet Home Alexia: Stéphanie Sellin


Funding may be available For Canadian residents through Harding Medical
Harding Medical 
 902-453-6900 Ext. 298

Elements of a Letter of Necessity

1. Introduce the patient and how long he/she has been the care of the doctor or facility: Describe his or her condition and detail the special needs that are a consequence of the condition (i.e. lack of control; no recognition of danger in rolling or falling out of bed; entanglement in side rails if a “hospital/institutional” bed is currently in use and the potential or documented injury as a result; potential of entrapment or suffocation due to the gaps around the mattress on either side or at the ends—especially the corners.)

2. Explain how the bed or crib currently being used fails to protect the patient and the consequence of falling will result in bodily harm. Include, if applicable, how the patient has the capacity to climb.

3. Perhaps address the psychological issues in regards to needing a safety bed. 

4. Recommend the Safe Place BedTM and how it addresses each of your concerns. In addition to the need of having a safety bed while traveling to doctor appointments, therapy camps, etc. 

Do you have a question? A suggestion? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!