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What better way for our two year old angel, Dane, to get used to his brand new Safe Place Bed than a sleepover at his Nana & Papa's house!  Big brother, Hayden, showed him how it would work, and he had a great first night.  Looking forward to more adventures!
Thanks so much! The Puma Family, OH

He now has a safe place he can sleep in besides being home bound. I feel this huge sense of relief, as when you have a child like Noah that requires a specialized hospital bed or safety bed of some kind to sleep in, and you worry should you ever have to leave home for any reason, a vacation, an overnight stay at friends or family, or to retreat to a hotel during an emergency situation that you have a bed you can take with you.  It is something every special needs parent needs who has a child that requires specialized bedding and will inevitably use at some point in timeClick here to read Noah's full experience


What a great product!  As a physician and father of two eight year-old sons with autism, travel has been a huge challenge for us.  The safe place bed has proved an excellent solution. My kids are safe while sleeping at night or napping during the day without constant supervision. This bed has made our travels much more relaxing and enjoyable. In addition, my kids love it! They feel enclosed and safe. The construction is very durable. The only problem is I think I am going to have to get another one to keep my kids from fighting over it! ~ Dr. Baker M.D., OH