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What better way for our two year old angel, Dane, to get used to his brand new Safe Place Bed than a sleepover at his Nana & Papa's house!  Big brother, Hayden, showed him how it would work, and he had a great first night.  Looking forward to more adventures! Thanks so much! 

The Puma Family, OH



Places we have traveled with our Safe Place Bed... Gio and Becca from FL


 Disney- 4 times,  ️Ohio- 6 times , New Jersey- 2 times, Pigeon Forge, TN, Atlanta, GA, Visiting family out of state- 3 times , Stayed in a Train Car, Cabin- 3 times, ️My backyard camping more than I can count! 

Even with all of Disney's accommodations I wouldn't have been able to do it without the Gio's safe place bed. I was exhausted after spending over 12 hours at Disney lifting Gio into all of the rides (completely worth it). However, I was able to enjoy the bus trip back to the hotel because I knew that once I got there I could easily set up the Safe Place Bed, get Gio ready and in it, say prayers, and have a wonderful night sleep which is something I wasn't able to do before we had the bed. I have so much more I want to say, but I'm exhausted from yet another wonderful day in Orlando and sometimes words aren't even adequate, but thank you so much for making this bed.

The Safe Place Bed was bought for my 7 year old autistic son.  He recently continuously ran a faucet on the second floor of our home at 4am and caused a large amount of water damage. As a physician I was initially concerned about safety and his perception of being kept in a place he could not get out of. Lamar has loved the product and the netting is very sensory friendly as he loves to lay his face on it.  the portions which inflate are very durable. The straps which connect the product to the bed allows him to lay his 70 lbs against the side of it and it does not roll over.  It easily travels and can be set up within a few minutes.  I am very happy with the safe place bedding and would recommend it to anyone who is concerned about their wandering special needs child during the night.

Dr.  Zerkle, Emergency Room Physician  









I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to you and let you know how wonderful of a product this has been for our daughter, Ellery, and our family. Prior to our purchase of the safe place bedding, we had struggled with all sorts of options and basically restricted us from most travel opportunities, which is hard because our families live several hours away and visiting them was difficult. Now, we can travel anywhere and everywhere with the safe place bedding and put it on any bad mattress that is available to us. My wife and I sleep better at night knowing that Ellery is safe and is not falling out of the bed. We love the portability of the product, the ease of assembly and disassembling, and the durability. We tell everyone we know that has similar issues with sleeping about the product. My wife is a nurse at the Children's Hospital for post-operative surgery and has told many parents about the product, along with informing the discharge department about the safe place bedding and they are now recommending this product to any parent that inquires about safe sleeping situations. We have also told our daughter's Rehabilitation Clinic and they too are also referring clients to this product. It truly has been a life changer for us. Thank you so much.  Nick L. 

He now has a safe place he can sleep in besides being home bound. I feel this huge sense of relief, as when you have a child like Noah that requires a specialized hospital bed or safety bed of some kind to sleep in, and you worry should you ever have to leave home for any reason, a vacation, an overnight stay at friends or family, or to retreat to a hotel during an emergency situation that you have a bed you can take with you.  It is something every special needs parent needs who has a child that requires specialized bedding and will inevitably use at some point in timeClick here to read Noah's full experience

What a great product!  As a physician and father of two eight year-old sons with autism, travel has been a huge challenge for us.  The safe place bed has proved an excellent solution. My kids are safe while sleeping at night or napping during the day without constant supervision. This bed has made our travels much more relaxing and enjoyable. In addition, my kids love it! They feel enclosed and safe. The construction is very durable. The only problem is I think I am going to have to get another one to keep my kids from fighting over it!  Dr. Baker M.D., OH


Just got ours! The construction of the bed and the pump are amazing. The carrying duffel is even really well planned. We take our first family trip in 23 years next week! We are so excited that a company brought a safe and COST EFFECTIVE approach! The first time a company didn't gauge us just because they had a great and needed product. The construction of the bed and the pump are amazing. The carrying duffel is even really well planned. Our son has Angelman Syndrome and is 23 years old. We raised the money in one day with GoFundMe. 

You should have seen my husband's face as he aired it up. He is Garrett's full time caretaker so he was looking for weaknesses. He found none. Can't wait to report on the first trip!

First trip report: It went amazing!! Garrett really liked it, he climbed in himself, and I was nervous to zip it up. But he just giggled!! He slept better than at home!! We are going on another trip further and longer next month!! Kim H., TX