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Adaptive Tricycles


Strengthen mobility and physical activity for children while fostering independence and joy in movement with adaptive tricycles

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Adaptive tricycles are specially designed to offer children and youth with special needs the opportunity for exercise, recreation, and the joy of cycling. The innovative features of these tricycles support various physical requirements, making them ideal for individuals who may not be able to use standard tricycles due to mobility or balance issues.

  • Usage: Adaptive tricycles are tailored for individuals who need support with balance and coordination, aiding in muscle development and motor control.

  • Dimensions: The tricycles come in different sizes. For instance, medium-sized models typically have a seat width of about 14 inches, a seat length of 10 inches, and support weights up to 250 pounds. Large models can support weights up to 310 pounds and have a larger seating area​​.

  • Functionality: These tricycles are equipped with adjustable components like trunk supports, headrests, and laterals for customized support. They also feature no-tool adjustments for easy setup and modifications, and some models include a caregiver rear steer option for additional control​

Ideal for 

Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Autism and other physical disabilities.

These products are covered by a one-year warranty

Any questions please  email us at or txt  614-602-5196