A Journey of Firsts...

This past weekend we have experienced a first in our lives... 

It was back in January when Jon asked me in Jon fashion, "You know when you should go down the bunny hill, but instead decide to take the plunge down death mountain?" With hesitancy I replied with, "What did you do?!"

​It is in my husbands nature to 
go for it no holds bar which he probably picked up in his cage fighting years. I always admire his tenacity. And even though at times I need to pull back the reins on him (which I probably picked up in my horse training years), I'm so glad we took this plunge.  
What Jon did was apply to our very first trade show called the Accessibility Summit in Washington, DC. At that point, we didn't have a website or photos for a website, a marketing plan, nor did we have our final design for our beds nailed down. Let alone the funds! We simply had a vision. A vision that had been growing in our hearts since March of last year. 

We were so blessed to find out we were in the running to be one of 60 exhibitors at this event. However, we needed to get our website up and running in two weeks! With the help of a couple friends who specialize in photography and technology, we did it. And shortly after, found out we were accepted!

We have done nothing but hustle these past couple months. So when we arrived in DC it was yet another dream realized. 
Many times God will open a door of opportunity, but WE still have to put forth the hard work and effort to receive the fullness of that open door. This will grow us and test our faith, and I believe on the other side of that opportunity is yet another open door.
At the summit we were greeted with such hospitality, and so many people were impressed by how we conceived this idea and brought it to market. It was such a blessing to talk to families face to face and hear their joys and their struggles. So many families were relieved to see a glimmer of hope that they too can travel with their loved ones. This both broke my heart and made me glad. To know we have the answer so many folks are desperate for is beyond words. We experienced our WHY in these moments. 

Jon and I were so blessed and we learned so much! I especially learned what NOT to wear to a trade show... HEELS! All I can say is I'm glad our hotel had a hot tub, because every night I was soaking my feet. How I really loved that hot tub!

I'm looking forward to our next trade show adventure! This time I'm leaving the heels at home! 

All of you who read these blogs are amazing, and don't forget to look for those open doors. Even if they look like death mountain, God can and will do an incredible work. So, I'll leave you with this...

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