Angel Wings and Birthday Wishes... 

This past weekend we met an amazing family, The McGahhey's! They invited us to their son, Colton's, 4th birthday party. Colton is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome just like our Sky. He is also in our test group for Safe Place! This particular birthday party was an Angelman Syndrome themed party; Angel families were invited!

​I love meeting the families we are impacting through this business face to face. To hear their stories, their dreams, and their struggles. And when we met this
family, we connected right away! So much so, our girls were asking to sleepover that night!

So, I want to interrupt our story today to honor the McGahhey's... 

Matt and Mary McGahhey are blessed with three beautiful children; Emmy, Colton, and Easton. Matt has two older daughters as well! They are a busy family, full of life, and lots of love. Colton is an energetic and curious young man! He loves bubbles, and did a very good job at sharing them too.

Like many AS families, Matt and Mary didn't have answers to Colton's developmental delays in the early years. The universal answer given to many parents is "overall developmental delay". But, Matt and Mary weren't satisfied with this answer. They didn't give up, and after a visit to the geneticist, and several tests later, they received the correct answer. That feeling of "oh crap!" and "relief" all mushed into one, just like I described for us overcame them.

When in these situations our true colors come out. Even though we didn't know the McGahhey's when they heard this news, I know by this one visit they are an advocate for their son. Mary even raised awareness of Angelman Syndrome in their school district before Colton even started school! Super hero Mama! Colton truly lives in a house of LOVE.   
When Jon and I pulled into the driveway, the first thing we noticed was their camper. It may sound funny, but we knew they were a family willing to take risks before we even met them! And sure enough, they shared with us their travel plans for the summer and their excitement to give Colton his own safe place to sleep. Plus the tour through their epic camper, which I believe is about the same size as our house! This family spoke our language and we loved every moment of it! 

I was so impressed with Mary's knowledge of the Angelman community. In fact, another family came to the party with their Angel as well! Before this party, we hadn't met any other Angel's. So it was fun to see them interact. Sky, being 7 years older than the other two, did a lot of observing. He was the big kid and he knew it! 
Matt and Mary were gracious enough to invite us (total strangers) into this special time in Colton's life. We felt it only fitting to include them here. And even though I interrupted our story, the McGahhey's are now a part of it.

I can't wait to get to know them more. 

​Until next time... Live without Limits

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