Big Dreams, Tiny House...

We have lived in our tiny home nearly a year now. It really doesn't seem "tiny" to us anymore, it is just "home". 

What is the vision for YOUR life? ​​ Does your current circumstances match that vision? What would your life look like if you truly pursued your dreams? You may be surprised; I know we were!

​Until next time... Dream without limits. Crazy or Inspiring. We are often described as one or the other, sometimes both! Why? Well, for many reasons, but today I'll share how a family of five live in a 420 sq. ft. tiny house!

I've come to learn God's dreams for my life are much bigger than my own. And, He knows me much better than I know myself. He knew by "accidentally" watching a Tiny House documentary, the course of our lives would change once again. 

Realizing your dreams requires a new perspective. 

In 2012 we had purchased a nearly 2,000 sq. ft. old farmhouse. We loved the house, and decided to love it even more by remodeling it.  We were creating our "dream house" (so we thought)! Then one day, smack dab in the middle of our remodel, we stumbled across a Tiny House documentary. After watching it, Jon and I looked at each other and knew we were called to live in a tiny house! 

Living tiny fit our vision of traveling, and leaving our mark on the world. The question now was... How do we do that with three little kids? And one with special needs I might add! AND... we couldn't sell our house till the remodeling was done!! The odds were against us, and many thought we were crazy, but we had a vision for our life! 

It took us many months to finish the remodel, as we did it ourselves. During that time, we researched and researched our tiny home possibilities. We finally found our realdream home. And we listed our home for sale after the remodel. 

There are moments in life when you know God's hand is on something... This was one of those times. After being on the market ONE week, our house was sold!! But we found ourselves in a predicament... Our house sold so quickly, our new tiny home wouldn't be done by the time we had to be moved out of our farmhouse! 

To our benefit, we just happened to own a 200 sq. ft. 1984 Winnebago RV. For two months, all five of us lived in that RV!! Something miraculous happened during that time... we realized We Can Do This! And we discovered simple living equals great freedom. The time we used to spend cleaning or doing house chores was now in a playground or some other exciting place with our kids! In fact, the vision for where Safe Place was going to take us was birthed in that RV.

Simple living equals great freedom.

When our new tiny home rolled up the road, tears streamed from my eyes. A year-long dream was now our reality. No more imagining, it was real life!

Our tiny home is like a mansion compared to that old RV! I'll forever cherish those cramped two months. We realized the value of moments far outweighs the value of "stuff".

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