Everyday Adventures...

When we talk about adventures, we often think of going to some majestic mountain-top cabin, or an exotic island. Maybe even, a stroll through the streets of Paris or a leisurely gondola ride in Venice. All these places sound amazing, and I most certainly want to do all these things! But today, I want to appreciate the everyday adventures.

These are the adventures we can easily take for granted. The things we do, and not realize we just had an adventure. They come in many forms... a movie, a bike ride at a local park, a hike to a nearby waterfall, a shopping trip, a ball game, and even a community event at your hometown library. The list goes on. Some would call it appreciating the small things.

This thought of "everyday adventures" popped into my head about a week ago when we visited a waterfall about 30 minutes from our house. We didn't travel right when summer started to our most adored beaches. Mostly for two reasons: 1. we are traveling to expo's for Safe Place this summer, mini work-cations have become a norm for us lately, and 2. we are planning a 9 week trip across the country in August. Another work-cation, this time for Jon's nursing. We are beyond excited!! Until then though, we must resist the call of the beach sirens. 

I'm not sure about you, but this summer has been different for me. There have been years where school was let out and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I do home school our girls, but Sky attends a school designed to service special needs children. Adding a third child, all day everyday, and adding the special attention he needs totally changes the dynamic of the day. I'm not complaining, just being transparent. It can be crazy hard at times! However, this summer, there was an excitement in the air. I honestly could not wait until Sky was out of school, and to no longer be confined to school schedules and bus pick-up and drop-offs.

​I had been dreaming of getting Sky a new bike that seated two people. Since the girls are getting so good at riding bikes, we thought this could be a fun, free activity to do this summer. Of course, the bike we wanted for Sky was over $2,000! And that was the low end. One day however, we happened to look on craig's list and found one (only one, in all surrounding states) up near Lake Erie for $330! Coincidence? I think NOT! We drove up and got it, and had ourselves a wonderful adventure by the lake for an afternoon.

We've ridden bikes nearly everyday since then! On top of that, we've attended a hot air balloon festival where Alara and Abigail danced with their dance studio, and a few trips to the library. It may as well have been a candy shop! Even Sky loves the library, and the summer activity camp they attend every week. I personally believe taking Sky to the library is a great way to teach self-control. I know he would desperately love to tear some books up!

To bring this entry full circle... I want to express the importance of those everyday adventures. Live each moment to the fullest. Before we know it, summer will be over, the kids will be going back to school, the pool will be closed, and we will say "where did the time go?" An anonymous writer once wrote, "enjoy the little things, one day you'll look back and realize they were big things."

This weekend Jon and I will be traveling to Chicago for the Abilities Expo. This is a pretty large show bringing in around 4,000 people! We are nervous-excited, and plan on delivering hope of limitless living for families like us. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated as we pursue our dream and take you with us!!   

​Until next time... Adventure without Limits.

​Some of our summer-time moments below... 

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