For the Love of the Sea...

I'll never forget the first real family vacation we ever took. Even though we often traveled to places near where we lived for long weekends, it wasn't until 2012 that we went to the beach for an entire week. Sky was 8, Alara was about 4, and I was pregnant with Abigail.  

We often ask ourselves why it took nine years to go on a week long family vacation. I guess it was because we still limited ourselves in that area at the time. But once we did, those limitations went away!

We arrived at the beach in the late afternoon, and settled into our rental house. We traveled with friends so everyone had to "claim" their room. Of course, finding a sleeping quarters that will hold up to Sky was quite a feat! (Well, used to be quite a feat.) Our house was across the street from the ocean, so before dusk we made our way to the beach to at least put our toes in the water.

We were excited to see the ocean, something Jon and I hadn't seen since childhood and a first for our kids. Sky held our hand while walking as he was unsettle on the sand, but when he saw the water, he let go and crashed himself right into the waves! Clothes on and everything! It was love at first sight! I wish we had captured that moment on camera. I had never seen him react this way to anything else in his life! He has always been fascinated with water, so this was heaven for him! The best way to describe it is sheer joy! 

We thoroughly enjoyed our first week long vacation. And because of Sky's love affair with the ocean, we especially love to travel to beaches. His love has become our love. 

Our first trip was to Oak Island, North Carolina. The picture I posted is from Virginia Beach in 2015. Every time we see the ocean it's like the first time for Sky. I love his excitement! I hope you enjoyed this little, but forever memory of ours. 

A final thought... What limitations do you place on your life? For nine years we allowed fear to keep us from traveling and making memories. The door God opened when we pushed through that fear and just went has forever changed how we view life! Push through the fear and realize your dreams! You never know what's on the other side.

Until next time... Live without Limits

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