Portable Bed For Your Child’s Goodnight Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in our short-term and long-term health. Our bodies rebel, in form of crankiness, pains, and aches, if we don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep also leads to compromised immune system and inability to focus among many other negative side effects. Whether you are getting your kids to fall asleep, stay asleep or just be safe in bed while they are asleep, sleep is definitely an issue for many kids with special needs. There is nothing as disheartening as watching a child suffer. At Safe Place Bedding, we ensure to help your children sleep as best they possibly can.

Further, children suffering from Down’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Epilepsy, Angelman Syndrome and Autism must be necessitated with specialized bed tents. With Safe Place Bedding you can certainly reduce your stress when visiting your relatives. Built-in camp bed style, these beds do not require any bulky foam mattress or an air bed to make sure that your kid has a good night’s sleep.

portable bed for child's goodnight sleep


The beds are tailor-made for children with special needs. Let’s take look at some of the features of the Safe Place beds:

  • These beds are strong, durable, and sturdy but are softened to make your loved ones feel secure
  • They are entirely enclosed and also comes with bed accessories that support your needs
  • They are highly comfortable and comes with safety straps that prevent tipping
  • The soft walls mean no banging heads and keep the kids safe when you are sleeping
  • The bed is a twin in size, giving a lot of room for children and adults alike
  • The walls of the bed are made of mesh and therefore, they are breathable. Also, they are transparent allowing parents/caregivers to easily see their loved one.
  • The beds are extremely durable due to double welded seams and reinforced material; the material is over 50% thicker than the average air mattresses.
  • It is portable and thus ideal for traveling

In addition to the aforementioned points, the beds are very easy to install and uninstall when you plan for an overnight stay at your friends’ or relatives’ place. Further, the user-friendly product makes traveling overnight easy, and takes away the fear of ‘roaming’ with our locking mechanism.

At Safe Place Bedding, we understand what you require to take care of your loved one and therefore, we offer outstanding customer service. In fact, this is a must-have if you really have a child who suffers from traumatic brain injury, sleepwalking, Alzheimer’s disease, Smith Magnesia syndrome or cerebral palsy. With special care demanded from children, we will help you provide just that to your loved one. Enjoy your freedom to visit your families or friends without worrying about sleeping comforts and safety while sleeping with your special needs loved ones.

To know more about these portable beds, stay logged into the Safe Place Bedding Website . We would be happy to help you.

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