The Vomit Shower...

This is not some catchy title; this is the literal truth! I mentioned in our last post I would share about the protruding vomit. So whether this story makes you laugh, cringe or hurl yourself... you will find it entertaining! 

In Sky Man's first 3 years of life he aspirated on liquids. Meaning some of the fluid he drank went down his air way into his lungs. For a while he could only drink thickened liquids til his muscles developed in his throat well enough to swallow without fluid escaping down his air way. In the beginning we had no clue what was happening until a couple bouts of hospitalization due to pneumonia. At that point, the doctors did some further testing and found the reason. Thank God he stopped getting sick as often after we started the thickened liquids. 

However, until that time, Sky literally would vomit several times a day. And it protruded! It was frustrating, and disgusting. We felt so bad for him.

The Beast

We had this car... It was a beast! My husband hit 6 deer with it, the insurance paid it off two times over (they never totaled it!), and it had over 200,000 miles on it when we SOLD it (still in running condition). In fact, I believe my husband had tie straps and a pair of socks holding the headlights in it. One headlight shown directly down onto the road, the other up in a tree in case you wanted to shoot a raccoon while driving! It was ugly, but that faithful car got us through the most financially stressful time of our marriage! However, I will say the worst part about the beast was the permanent coating of crust which lived on the back side of the drivers seat. We tried and tried to clean it out, but over time, nothing was coming off that seat! The source of that crust: Sky's vomit. 

Jon used to wear a baseball hat all the time, and it was a good thing he did. Those hats protected his hair from lots of hurling. We would often be driving down the road, then all of a sudden liquid would fly past our faces and onto the windshield. I would hurry and grab a towel to try and catch it, then turn back around to clean the windshield as well as Jon's hat! Sky kept us on our toes! And still does! 

I was super surprised anyone would want to buy that car! But, a couple years ago we seen it on the road (you can't miss the Beast!), with that headlight still propped up in the trees... 

I am so thankful the hurling season of his (and our) life is over. I'm glad he can now drink with ease; God has done good things in our life! Whenever we share this story we laugh til we spew! Although, in the moment, it was rough; it felt like it was never going to end.

"...for I will turn their mourning into joy and will comfort them and give them joy for their sorrow." Jeremiah 31:13

This verse is so true in our lives. When telling this story I do it from a heart that was once sorrowful and bitter, I've had the "why me" moments in my life. But God turned all that into joy and laughter. And even though it is still very difficult raising a special needs child, I can honestly say "choose me again God!"

Until next time... Hurl, I mean, Live without Limits

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