Have you ever dared to WONDER?

Often times wonder is a word used like the word 'hope'. How many have heard or said, "well, I hope it works out well" or "I hope we have enough money in the bank"? However, not really realizing the weight such a word like 'hope' carries. Hope carries expectancy, but is more often used in a "last resort" sort of tone. This is how I view wonder. A word given little credit. 

Wonder as a noun puts a person in awe, and is often placed upon us by astounding events. Like the very first time Sky started walking completely independently. We had prayed and worked so hard with him. Then one day when it was the last thing we expected him to do, he just let go of my hand and off he went. Sky was six years old, and we weren't at all angry that it took him several more years to learn this thing most of us take for granted. No, we were in awe and wonder! So incredibly proud of our Sky man.

Wonder as a verb is something we must do on purpose. This is hard because life has a way of sucking the 'life' right out of us at times. To wonder is to think beyond our current realities. Often times thats where all great feats in life are conceived. In wonder. I thank God He gave us this capability. Without it we would have allowed Sky's limitations to hold us back from the amazing adventures God had for us. Like having more children, ministry work, and even starting this business! 

These are just some thoughts to think on through your day to day. Allow something to captivate you. Who knows, maybe something amazing will happen? 

Until next time... Wonder without limits. 

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