Check out what these families have to say:

Meet Katherine Rybar... "I am a single mom of 3 girls, ages 9, 8 and 7. My youngest has Angelman Syndrome (AS), and we've had lots of battles with sleep and finding products that are safe for her to sleep in. She sleeps relatively well for a child with AS which I'm thankful for, but her sleep really improved once we got her an enclosed bed. We started with the Safe Place travel version and she adores it. She started sleeping better once she got the travel bed. Even though she sleeps well considering her diagnosis, she still doesn't have any concept of danger and doesn't have the ability to stay in bed, so a safety bed gives me a lot of peace of mind and allows me to get much needed sleep at night too."

How was it putting your bed together?

"It was actually relatively easy. I would say it took about 4 hours over two days. It was easier than I expected, the pieces are so nicely and simply made we were able to put it together without the directions for the most part."


How has your daughter been sleeping?

"Well! It takes her about 30 minutes to fall asleep."  

How has your Safety bed affected your daughter's sleep schedule? 

"She seems more comfortable in the morning and wants to stay snuggled in her bed. It's been great, she loves it and is very comfortable. So far I wouldn't change anything. I love the size and the comfort it gives her. It's much easier to get her in and out."

Ending thoughts from Katherine: 

"The Safe Place Bed makes such a difference in our lives. My daughter loves getting into her big beautiful, comfortable bed and I can go to bed knowing she is safe, happy and comfortable. She loves to sleep inside of an enclosed bed and I've noticed a big improvement in her sleep since we got one for her. I think it helps her feel safe."

Meet Sam Zerkle, MD... "Our son Eric is 10. We call him “Marsy”. He is autistic. He tends to get into things, leaves water running on the second floor, wakes up frequently at night to walk around the house. Marsy has been in the Safe Place travel tent now for a number of years, it has been a great product and a great company to work with."

How was it putting your bed together?

"Very simple set up. Good directions. Surprisingly small number of parts for such a large end product."

How has your son been sleeping? 

"Very well, it takes him about 20-45 min to fall asleep." 

How has it been getting your son in and out of bed in the morning?

"Sits up nicely, opens easily, and with a large space for 120lb Lamar to get in and out without difficulty." 

How has your safety bed affected your sleep schedule or your peace at night?

"It is a great product. Gives our family peace of mind Lamar is safe and comfortable."

Ending thoughts from Dr. Zerkle: 

"Safe Place Bedding from the transport bed to the permanent option has taken a large amount of anxiety from our family. Concerns about our autistic son’s safety and replacement costs of items he breaks when unsupervised at night have now been relieved."

Safe Place Bedding is the only company in the US you can customize the look of you bed to fit your special needs loved ones personality and style. Your special needs loved one is special and unique so why would you buy a cookie cutter safety bed for them?  

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