At Safe Place Bedding, we understand the unique challenges faced by families with special needs children. Our adaptive products are designed to enhance mobility, comfort, and safety, promoting independence and well-being. We work directly with insurance companies to provide these essential items. 

That'swhy we're thrilled to announce the launch of three new products designed to enhance mobility, comfort, and care for individuals with special needs. These innovative products are crafted to support various physical requirements, ensuring safety, independence, and joy.

Adaptive Tricycles

 Compass Chairs Wave bathing system

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See Chairs See Bathing System


Please note that to purchase these products, you must apply through insurance.

If you would like to talk to a staff member of Safe Place Bedding, please call or text 614-602-5196. We are available during regular business hours Monday-Thursday. As a small family-owned business in Newark, Ohio, we appreciate your patience. Filling out this form helps us streamline getting you the product you need.

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